What Good Is A Film If It Doesn’t Inspire Action?

Whether you’re a foundation striving to end poverty, a scientist connecting brain chemistry with criminal justice reform or an activist reimagining public education, you’ll need large groups of people to get behind your idea and take action to help you realize your vision.

Putting films to work

And that’s where we are a little different. We are a production company that delivers lean, beautiful films. But we are also strategists who can help you from the beginning to understand how to make the film go to work for you. We’ll even stay in the trenches with you to make sure the film delivers results.

Bold and daring promises

We’re so confident in our approach, that we’re willing to make some bold promises. Department of Expansion film and social media campaigns can:

  • Drive audiences to act on your behalf
  • Make you more effective in competing for dollars
  • Streamline the way your team talks about you
  • Arm supporters with tools to spread your message through their social networks
  • Make your name synonymous with your message
  • Deliver a true following

What are you waiting for?

The Chinese say that the best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, and the second best time is now. Wherever you are in this process, we’ll meet you there and see what we can do to help.