Expanding Our Minds Is How We Thrive

As our greatest thinkers expand the boundaries of what we know, informed public discourse surrounding many issues is shrinking. The Department of Expansion was born out of a desire to enrich public dialogue.

Pragmatic optimism

We believe game-changing innovations and dreamers with vision deserve media that is made with the same attention to planning, story and production value as film or television. Why should great ideas and causes settle for anything less?


Sure. Unrealistic? We don’t think so. Smaller budgets simply call for more innovative strategies. And independent filmmakers are some of the most innovative people out there.

Dive in

We’re riding the crest of an unparalleled communication wave. When you consider the potential to deliver your stories directly to interested audiences through targeted social media, the horizon is infinitely expansive and the water warm and welcoming. And here we are, ready to serve (and surf!).

Are you in?