Nick Higgins

Producer & Director of Photography | Minister of Visual Ingenuity

Nick Higgins

Although people are often impressed by the size of Nick’s camera package, it’s really how he uses it that matters. From nuclear submarines to Mikhail Gorbachev, Nick’s magic eye can find beauty in the most surprising places. If you can attune your ear to his Scottish accent, you’ll discover he’s not muttering to himself but running a constant humorous commentary on everything going on.

Foreign governments used to hand Nick multi-million dollar checks when he was stationed in Hong Kong, but you’ll have to ask him to explain this to you in person.

You can see more of Nick’s work at

Looking for the grown-up stuff? Here are some career highlights:

  • His feature work has played in cinemas across the world including The Crash Reel (HBO), First Position (Sundance Selects) and Countdown to Zero (Cannes).
  • Holds a Masters Degree in Cinematography from AFI.
  • Has spent the best part of the last three decades living everywhere except his Scottish birthplace; most notably Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Brazil and now LA.