Cultured Beef: Launch Film

  • Brin Wojcicki

Traditional beef production is causing massive environmental damage to our planet, our health and our natural resources. With an exploding world population to feed, we need a different solution. This film was designed to introduce the public to the world’s first all beef burger grown outside the cow, and help them understand the critical reasons for this innovation. By focusing the conversation on why this breakthrough is so necessary and so credible, the film was designed to educate the public about the problems the technology was trying to solve and move them on from the “ick” factor to a recognition of the scale of the problem, and an openness to the idea of Cultured Beef as a plausible solution. Used in tandem with a press launch, the film was seen by 250,000 people in the first week and presented in the mainstream press including The Guardian. Featuring Sergey Brin, Ken Cook, Richard Wrangham and Mark Post.