Kristina Robbins

Director & Producer | Head of Intellectual Gymnastics

Kristina Robbins

From the hallowed halls of the Ivy League to the beer-stained stages of improv comedy clubs, Kristina’s forte is seeing the connections between seemingly incongruous ideas and fitting them together to make sense. And most likely she’ll cite a study to back up her thesis. Although she is rigorously thorough and disarmingly smart, don’t be fooled. She’s also exquisitely kooky and will catch you off guard with one of the multiple comedic voices that live inside her.

Kristina once plumbed the depths of corporate espionage when she posed as a recruit in the cutthroat world of women’s cosmetics. She will never reveal the details of her mission but suffice to say she enjoyed her time in the pink Cadillac.

Looking for the grown-up stuff? Here are some career highlights:

  • Award winning filmmaker and graduate of AFI’s Directing Workshop for Women whose work has appeared on PBS and A&E.
  • Has worked as a management consultant for Fortune 500 companies to shape strategic plans and develop best practices in marketing research.
  • Launched Juice Workshops to help organizations maximize their creative potential through the principals of improvisation. Has performed full length improvised plays on stages internationally for the past 15 years.